Photos make me smile. They always have. To me, the best thing is to look back on happy memories in front of you. Remembering the good times, with those who are most important to you. Sometimes, you may forget about an event but if you have a photo of it, it comes right back.

Since I have become a mom, photographs have become that much more important to me and make me smile that much more. It seems as though time flies by when you have little ones. They grow and change so fast that it sometimes becomes hard to remember how little they once were. I love to look back, even a few days and see the silly things we did, or the love of a hug and a kiss.

This is why I got into photography, to capture those wonderful moments for other people, to capture the love of a family, or the sweet smiles of a baby, to see new parents full of love for their new baby or experienced parents playing with their children. I want to capture these moments for you so that I can help you remember and look back and smile. :)
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